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Ven. Seelagawesi Thero's UK visit - Winter 2010
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 25 October 2010 11:06

Dear dhamma friends,

I would like to confirm that, Ven. Wellawatte Seelagawesi Thero is visiting UK on 29th October 2010 for a 2-3 week period. While he is in UK, his accomodation and wellbeing is mainly taken care of by Chanaka & Tharanga Warnapura.

Bhante's visit in this Winter is slightly different to is annual visit in the summers as this time he will be visiting on a private invitation made by Chanaka. However, Chanaka would like to give everybody the opportunity, as the same way the tour has been organised so far over the years. You all are welcomed to make an invitation to bhante for a dana, dhamma discussions or meditation programs. Please let me know your intentions. Thank you.

Once I have gathered all your requests, I will be able to integrate your requests with chanaka's schedule. Once the schedule is confirmed, I will update the schedule to a web URL and post you the link with upto date infomrmation.

Also, please contact chanka or myself directly if you would like to participate settling the costs invloved.


Here are the phone numbers:

Chanaka: 07821099765
Lahiru: 07898761893

Theruwan Saranai
Lahiru Weerasinghe

The "Self" that is in ....... indulgence & inflict .....
Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:21

When you read this note, please make sure you read not more than three (3) words at a time, until you have understood & realised the context the note is written in ... try tro read this a cople of time to fet the inner meaning & how it impact or reflect your own being. Enjoy the experience.

As this “self” is selfish, this self.... (who this I, me, mine with ours) is also in denial. One denies the nature of impermanence and tries to create a “self made permanency”. In this “self reasoned permanency”, one looks for comfort. This body and this life existence, is all about the justification of varying levels of comfort, this body is longing & yearning for. When the nature of impermanency, brings about decay & the reduction, of what you posses as mine, one always try to repeat the reasoning and relive the comforts, to justify the possession as mine again. Repeatedly experiencing the self-indulgence with what one “likes” and avers-fully, inflicting harm, when the “dislikes” are present. When these conditions of indulgence & inflict, are seen by oneself, one becomes aware of the dangers and should adopt, all of the wholesome qualities, to develop selflessness. One should try to forgive, forget, be blameless, neutralise, nullify the emotional outcomes to experience equanimity. One should become humbled.

What is it “to live” by the Dhamma & “be protected” by the Dhamma
Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 22:17

The Dhamma is what this ‘existence’ of all life is about. The processes, the procedures, the physicality, the mind and mentality, the nature, the birth, the existence, the ageing process, the death, the cessation, things that are wholesome, unwholesome, cause and effect, etc., are all the Dhamma. We, who have been born to this Human realm, are caught between the choice of living the conventional life or the spiritual existence. So, each one of us, is guided and conditioned, to being, whoever we have been groomed to be. The knowledge gained, & what we have absorbed, as ‘obedience’ from our guardians, and whatever we have adopted to justify the longing-ness to belong, etc ... makes what we are. So, we have this existence, in this body, with the memory of the past, & the ability to comprehend what we make contact with.

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