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Subject: Buddhists’ approach to friendship
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 31 May 2009 17:16

The Buddha explained in detail how to determine between friends and enemies in the Singalovada Sutta. One should not judge another by outward appearance or behaviour. The Buddha advised to avoid companionship with the foolish and to associate beings who are the same or more advanced.

Friendship can be a difficult and complex topic for a young person to grasp. At times it can be difficult to know who means one well and who does not. This article aims to shed some light on this topic from a Buddhist perspective, especially for the benefit of young adults.

Dhammapada 361
Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Monday, 11 May 2009 06:34

Kaayena samvaro saadhu
Saadhu vaacahaaya samvaro
Manasaa samvaro saadhu
Saadhu sabbattha samvaro

English translation:
Good is restraint of the body. Good is restraint of speech. Good is restraint of the mind. Restraint everywhere is good.
Restraint thus represents the way to still the mind, words and actions as a prelude to freedom from suffering and anxiety.
The above stanza is taken from the Dhammapada, a work that records sayings of the Buddha through his 45 long years of ministry, and which reaches out to all humanity. The Dhammapada underscores humanity's common heritage and it helps transcend narrow sectarian values.


The qualities that are the most important to be considered in sustaining a good relationship.
Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Monday, 11 May 2009 06:25

Here are some qualities to be adhered in improving a relationship ......................................

  1. Trust yourself first and then the other (need to feel like one another.)
  2. Cherish the companionship as this is what a relationship brings. (Understand the word "ship" friendship / partnership / companionship)
  3. Compliment each other for all of the good that they bring and give. Always give and wait to get. Never take against what you have given.
  4. Correct all shortcomings & inadequacies openly & with respect to one another
  5. Be restraint with your speech as expression of words are the cause of "most" conflicts
  6. Make sure that you fulfil your duties, responsibilities objectives & commitments towards one another. (first to yourself and then the other. Don't forget your extended family)
  7. Enjoy the present and leave the past alone as neither of you can do much about anything that was done, said or felt.
  8. Keep a smile on your face all the time, as this will always need a wholesome thought within you to smile about.
  9. Make sure that you are aware of how to keep a promise to yourself and with one another. (make sure that you live by your principles and disciplines
  10. Always be happy, healthy, peaceful and content with the little you possess


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