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Written by Bhante Seelagawsei Thero   
Saturday, 20 November 2010 14:41

Unless we appreciate the problem, we never grow ourselves to find the solution.  Trust is one of the best mental factors that makes us strong to overcome our problems.  Concentration is the best friend of trust and they invite wisdom.

We become efficient because of wisdom.  Efficiency makes the perfect structure of the solution in a beautiful manner.  The progress of our efficiency to lead the life with proper answers may inherit proficiency of the mind.  This mental condition is very helpful to attend every difficulty and succeed the life without much effort.


The world is full of difficulties.  But it is useless to be afraid and escape.  Let's be aware of trust and develop concentration. Then we would be able to taste the life of blameless.


May everyone be mindful and find wisdom through meditation!

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written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero, November 25, 2010
Significance of being efficient & proficient

This “Self” is always looking to accomplish & achieve things in life. In doing so, one tries to be efficient, by the application of right effort, mindfulness & considered concentration. This brings the most beneficial, timely & economical outcome. The next is the necessity for the proficiency, where the right skill, ability and motivation are applied. This brings the application of the right aptitude, priority, value, importance & intellect in to the outcome.

So, in all circumstances and roles you transact, the efficiency and proficiency are present, representing the qualities of “arahang” – openness, “sammasam Buddha” – the roles represented, and the “vijjacharana sampanna” – the efficiency & proficiency applied for the accomplishment & achievements.

It is these three qualities that allow a person to recognise as to ‘who they are,’ in every role, and ‘why they are so,’ in that role. So, to maintain each of the roles within the relevant relationships, one needs to trust another and be trusted by another. It is then that the sustenance of the set values and conditions of the set declarations & expectations are demonstrated.

In this way, this life is full of transactions. Each one of us, through expectations, measures the other’s performances & outcomes within a benchmark as ‘success’ and ‘failure.’ This competitive comparison is what creates problems in one’s existence. Now, to overcome the problem, one needs a solution that brings them adequate benefit, gain, profit & more. So the selfishness is now aroused within, and the delusion of justification & rationalisation, is brought to defend & protect one’s expectations with the likes and dislikes.

Thus in the efficiency & proficiency of a person, the nature of lobha - selfishness, dosa – averseness, & moha – delusion, are present. To make this right efficiency & proficiency, one should demonstrate ‘selflessness’ with every trusted transaction, with the presence of ‘alobha – selflessness’, ‘adosa – love, kindness & compassion,’ & ‘amoha – the spontaneous wise attention to overcome covetousness.’

It is here that the Self is able to see the nature of Self Identity and the nature of blamefulness on others, rather than the articulation and manipulation of this self identity.
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