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Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 22:17

The Dhamma is what this ‘existence’ of all life is about. The processes, the procedures, the physicality, the mind and mentality, the nature, the birth, the existence, the ageing process, the death, the cessation, things that are wholesome, unwholesome, cause and effect, etc., are all the Dhamma. We, who have been born to this Human realm, are caught between the choice of living the conventional life or the spiritual existence. So, each one of us, is guided and conditioned, to being, whoever we have been groomed to be. The knowledge gained, & what we have absorbed, as ‘obedience’ from our guardians, and whatever we have adopted to justify the longing-ness to belong, etc ... makes what we are. So, we have this existence, in this body, with the memory of the past, & the ability to comprehend what we make contact with.

Our existence in this world, thus, splits in to two parts: the likes and the dislikes or the kusala and the akusala, the “vedana,” or the opposites in feelings. So, as long as, we live the likes, the needs, and the wants, and the expectations are fulfilled, our existence is happy and we feel protected. If our dislikes are lived, the needs & wants are not fulfilled, with our expectations constantly disappointed, then, we are saddened and feel unprotected.

So, a person who knows how these like, dislikes & the expectations are to be adjusted, to be neutral or equanimous in nature, then, that person knows how to be unattached and unbiased with their existence. They know how not to blame another. They know how not to justify any incident to their benefit. A person who lives like this, is what a selfless person is about, where their nature is to be kind towards themselves and another/others. So, their hatred and ill will is low, or nonexistent. Their need to justify their existence is low, and their delusion is low or nonexistent. When you thus begin to live this life with the awareness of the phenomenon of decay, without clashing or clinging to anything or to anybody, your existence in this conventional world is protected by this super-worldly reasoning.

So, the statement “Dhammo have rakkathi, Dhamma charim”, means ‘one who lives by this Dhamma is protected by this Dhamma.’ It is about the way their character & personality is adjusted to reason themselves out wholesomely. This protection is a justified condition, rather than a physical existence. These people are protected by the environment, other existences & other beings. This is the nature of wholesomeness and the worldly existence that every being should aspire to live by.

Theruwan Saranai

Bikku Dhammagawesi

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