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Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 03:38

.......................“Happiness is something I choose in advance.  Whether or not I like,  does not depend on the content, or the conditions – rather it depends on how I decide to accept it” .

I only like to see the way I chose, hear the way I chose, smell the way I chose, taste the way I chose, etc … and not the way it is presented or intended to. It needs to bring me benifit , bring me a gainful outcome, profit, or something more,  if I’m to tollerate and bare it up.  So when I don’t get what I want, I seem to blame the other. When what I like is seperated from me or deprived, I seem blame the other. And when my expectation of another is not performed by another, I blame the other. When others have expectations on me and I do my best, they seem not content with my performance. At times I seem to be taken gor granted.  So I do “what ever” .....  to gain their sypothatic attention to fulfill my appriciation & efforts. Mostly this ends up with me breaking up this beautiful body, obstructing this functionality of this body or disfiguering the body in some way. It also becomes an excuse as to how I perform in the future.......

So may each and every one of you have the strength, courage, confidence & the wise attention to see your life through the window  of this simple Dhamma ......


-          May you be able to see ‘how you feel’ when you are deprived or distanced or separated from the things you like ....

-          May you be able to see ‘how you feel’ when you have to put-up or be with the things you dislike .....

-          May you be able to see ‘how you feel’ when your expectation on others are not fulfilled the way you want, time you want, frequency you want, etc ....

-          May you be able to see ‘how you feel’ when you are not appreciated for all of what you are and are taken for granted for all of what you have been, for what you are, for what they perceive ...

This is the pain that we endure most of the time. We don’t seem to see this feeling in this way....  we see the situation and try to analyse the situation as the fault of another. See yourself as there is no one else in this world to be blamed other than your own self. This is the insight that one should build ...  enjoy seeing the Dhamma, experiencing the Dhamma, living the Dhamma.

This Dhamma is not just to be studied or learnt or taught or memorised or worshiped it is also to be used and used to get across. Use the Dhamma to see your life within so you will be able to accept another, forgive another and  overcome all of these aversional experiences that you have had. You will become a person who is blameless and a person who will not blame another as well.

May you have the strength, courage, confidence and effort to lead a eventful wholesome life. May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and content.

With much respect and humbleness

Bikku Dhammagawesi

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