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Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Sunday, 01 November 2009 00:05
Consider this statement....... read this a couple of times .... 'Self' (I, me, my) is always "Selfish". 'Self' needs to be "Selfless" . For a self to be selfless. it need to let go the selfishness. Most of the time we are unwilling or we are unable to accept another's betterment, another's benefits, another's gain, another’s praise, another’s rewards. We always try to have something that we have done for another’s betterment. It is because of me that they prospered. It is me who gave or showed them the way. It is me who said so. It was mine before. Etcetera. We are unable to another take the limelight or centre stage. We always try to say I told you so, If they only listened to what I said, etcetera.. This is the selfishness within me that make me take part of all of the praise, fame, reward, benefit, gain of another’s well-being. So learn to overcome this by accepting another for all of what they are. Have nothing to do with another’s betterment or their demise. Just have everything to do with your improvement. That is to be selfless.

Learn to accept another unconditionally, to accept their opinion unconditionally, to accept their judgement unconditionally,

Enjoy being. May you have the strength, courage, confidence and effort to lead a eventful wholesome life. May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and content.

Theruwan Saranai,

With much respect and humbleness

Bikku Dhammagawesi
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