A letter to MYSELF to remind myself of this rare oppertunity ............ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Friday, 31 July 2009 09:00
Here is a little “timeless letter” I sent to myself, to remind myself of the rare opportunity of becoming a human being...................

..... I should never think that anything is too far away to achieve; never think that “the Dhamma" is too hard to grasp; that this time it doesn't count; that this time I just need to feel, until all of the feelings are gone; that this time it is better to soak in my own emotions.

Please, for my own sake, I should not wallow in my own crisis, in the depression, nor exaggerate my emotions. I should be honest and truthful to myself.

I must just remember when I last sat here ...... having just remembered the harsh things I said and did in the past, having forgiven myself for all of these incidents. I felt very different. I feel very different. The harder I pursued them, the longer these feelings lasted.

Please, for my own sake, let me be able to look at myself, look at my ego, look at the attention and recognition I seek, look at the fame I aspire to. Let me look at the unpleasantness this has created within me. I do not want to pretend that these feelings are not there. I want to consider & accept all these feelings. Look at why I have continued to "nurture" these qualities for so long!!!!


Let me remember that all of these conditions just depend on my state of mind; the restlessness I have cultivated & harboured. ....... I must respect myself......... continue with my meditation. This is the only & rare chance I have to “reason with myself” by saying ‘because’; to feel different. I must be happy, content & be able to trust another. Doing this costs nothing other than a little bit of time from my own busy schedule. Am I willing to change!!!   With much love, kindness, compassion, respect & humbleness  To myself ……….  


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